The Foundation


“Got an upcoming business trip to the prestigious cloud cities of Minerva? Lucky you! You get to enjoy the best of two worlds. High in the dense atmosphere, drifting along on the most advanced antigravity superstructures ever designed, they’re a modern marvel that’s as human as it gets. Yet below in the deep dark oceans is a vibrant alien biosphere - the only one of its kind to be found in the core Foundation worlds. Those alien depths are not for the faint of heart, and to this very day are not fully explored or understood.

Of course, Amber isn’t just known for its stunning visual spectacles. As the last core-world before you enter the Incorporated Territories proper, it has none of the calm sleepiness of Tau and Eden. This is a system for the movers and shakers that is second only to Phoenix, where you can almost feel the credits and data flowing in an endless stream across the Firmament. Life moves fast in Amber, but if you can keep up - no small proposition - it’s a place where you can make a fortune!”


“Paradise is not just a dream: it is real, and it exists in the aptly-named Eden System. Dorothea was a pristine canvas of a planet when the first colonists arrived, and since then it has become a wondrous monument to modern technology. Thousands of carefully engineered, delicately balanced ecosystems have been brought into harmony by Foundation ecologists to create a stable, balanced biosphere. The result is a pleasure world like no other, a verdant and vibrant utopia.

Dorothea is not for those light on credits, however. The planet’s palatial estates and beautiful cities are exclusive and in high demand, and competition is fierce even for those who have the requisite funds. But hey - if paradise was easy, would it really be paradise?”


“You haven’t truly grasped the majesty of our universe until you seen the twin suns of Mira, without a doubt the strangest of the four Foundation systems. Mira is absolutely lousy with more mineral-rich planets than you can shake a stick at - but unfortunately, it’s a far less hospitable place than the other systems. That’s not to say it doesn’t have anything to offer, though. Far from it!

The mandate of Mira is terraforming and automation, and that’s what Psilon - the most habitable of the system’s many planets - is dedicated to. Though it has fewer than a million inhabitants, Psilon is home to some of the Firmament’s greatest institutions of engineering and the sciences. And why wouldn’t it be? The whole planet is basically a playground for the fertile minds of the next generation’s revolutionaries, and there’s no shortage of raw materials from the system’s extensive off-world mining operations. Every year new breakthroughs come from Mira, bringing humanity closer and closer to turning barren desert into verdant paradise.”


“Mere words could never encapsulate the beauty and majesty of the cradle of humanity, our salvation and respite from the tragedies that took away the Old Earth from us. On Tabula Rasa, the homeworld of mankind, you will find only the best that humanity has to offer. It’s only fitting that the locus of human achievement is a world where none go hungry, a truly revolutionary world where humans can live and pursue their heart’s desires in peace. Tau is the Greek letter of resurrection, and that’s what it represents for all of us.

Even as we forge on into the future, we here in the Tau System have not forgotten our past. We haven’t forgotten the brave men and women who brought us here, the gentle guiding hand of the Founder, or the terrible lessons we need to learn from those who came before. Visit Tau and you’ll find the Beyonder - the ancient asteroid base that brought Captain Malcolm Shaw and his crew to the Firmament for the first time - still preserved in all its glory. Walk in the halls of a living museum once trodden by the heroes of a bygone age, and be awed by the gravity of that solemn place.”