In the Firmament, true psionic aptitude is so rare that it’s considered no more than an urban legend by most groups. Nonetheless, latent psionic ability does in fact reside within every human being, though a “natural talent” is so incredibly rare as to be unheard of. More commonly, psionic ability is unlocked by shady experimentation, exposure to strange alien life, or uniquely traumatic experiences. Because of how rare the psionic talent is, most campaigns should include at most one character with psionic abilities unless psionics are the entire focus of the campaign.

To create a psionic, characters should take ranks in a unique Specialty called Attune. When you Attune, you open your mind to the unseen world of metadimensional space to perceive that which is unseen. Attuning is a sense, like perception - it usually can’t be used as a weapon to harm others directly, or to move objects around in the real world. It’s usually only possible to read and interact with human minds, though some psionics are trained in understanding more alien types of psyche.

With Attuning, you could: try to telepathically communicate with another creature; read the mind or sense the emotions of an unwitting person; see echoes of recent events; or perceive beyond your senses to gain insight about your current situation.

Unlike most Specialties, Attuning always carries some risk and always requires an action roll. It’s usually more convenient to use psionics to perform a task than it would be to do the same task with a more mundane Specialty, but also more dangerous. Examples of consequences that can result from Attuning include: