Table of Contents

General Equipment

Specialist Equipment (2-4 Cash): Any piece of gear that has narrative uses but doesn’t have any specific mechanics. It uses whatever Specialty seems appropriate, if rolls are required, and usually costs 1 Load. Common examples may include:

Specialist Tool (2-4 Cash): Any tool used for a specific purpose, which has narrative uses but doesn’t have any specific mechanics. It uses whatever Specialty seems appropriate, if rolls are required, and usually costs 1 Load. Common examples may include:

Specific Tools

Fabricator (4 Cash): Uses cheap resin or metallic residue to print small handheld components. If you own a fabricator, you can spend 1 Load to have fabricated a component, small tool or even a weapon. Items created by the fabricator are short-lived, and usually only last one session or mission; fabricated guns are single-use. The fabricator itself isn’t portable.

Jammer Gun (3 Cash): A directed electronic countermeasure designed to disable drones and other wireless devices, as long as they’re not hardened. It has a fairly short range, and is blocked by line of sight. Requires skill with electronics to use effectively. [1 Load]

Fake ID (2 Cash): A fake ID for one person, for a specific situation or place; a good forgery, but close scrutiny or a background check will reveal it as a fake. Purchasing additional fake IDs only costs 1 Cash, as you already have the means and experience to get them. [0 Load]

Plasma Cutter (5 Cash): A bulky device that resembles a heavy weapon. You can activate it and cut through a door, ship hull or other obstacle. Not subtle or quiet, and generally too unwieldy to use in combat. [3 Load]


Medkit (3 Cash): A portable clinic with medical tools and pharmaceuticals, perfect for treating an ally’s injuries. You can also spend 1 Load to produce a sedative, antidote, disease treatment or other appropriate medicine. [1 Load]

Performance Drugs (2 Cash): A single dose of a performance-enhancing drug; you can spend 1 Load to have a pocketful instead. Decide what kind of drug it is when you purchase this Asset; the effects are entirely narrative, but may alter Position and Effect. Performance drugs always have some kind of benefit, but also come with a consequence (which can be resisted). For example, a drug that drives you berserk will help with melee combat, but make it hard to tell friend from foe. [0 Load]

Truth Serum (3 Cash): A refrigerated case with a few doses of a powerful (and restricted) hypnotic drug that induces confusion, euphoria, and reduced inhibitions. Anyone suffering from its effects will struggle to keep their story straight, be easier to intimidate, and have a hard time keeping their mouth shut. [1 Load]

Lazarus Kit (4 Cash): A kit containing a single dose of Lazarus, a rare and expensive medication that can revive the clinically dead. Using Lazarus correctly requires a skilled medic and precise dosage, and every second counts; reviving someone who has been dead for more than a few minutes is impossible. [1 Load]


Bicycle (2 Cash): Can also be roller blades, a smartboard with telescopic wheels, or whatever. You can use it to get around faster than you would on foot, and it can be picked up or collapsed to make it easy to carry around. When carried, it counts for 2 Load.

Personal Vehicle (5 Cash): You have access to a small personal vehicle; in most of the Firmament, it’s a gravbike that can float above low obstacles and run for multiple days before it needs to be refuelled. For 7 Cash, it’s a vehicle such as a gravcar that can accommodate passengers. For 10 Cash, it’s an aerocar that is capable of low-level flight (still at the same speeds as an ordinary car).

Wearable Assets

Fancy Clothes (2 Cash): This is not just one set of clothes, but a stylish wardrobe. Useful for impressing or coming up with disguises - whatever the situation, you will always have the right outfit. [0 Load]

Smart Glasses (1 Cash): These can connect to devices in order to play back video, send messages, link to a smartlinked gun, et cetera. Lets you use your datapad or other linked device while keeping your hands free for other things. For an extra 1 Cash, they can be contact lenses. [0 Load]

Mantle (2 Cash): Ordinary clothing that has been modified to include electroshock pads. You can use it up to ignore an injury or consequence as a result of someone attacking or grabbing you with their bare hands - instead, they get a shock and let you go. After discharging, it can’t be used again until your next downtime. [1 Load]

Protective Gear (2 Cash): Heavy clothing, “road leathers”, or stabproof materials. You can use it up to mitigate an injury by one step, i.e. from Serious Harm to Harm. The Asset is then useless until your next downtime period. [1 Load]

Covert Armor (4 Cash): Discreet armor that is layered into and under clothing, but isn’t as protective as heavy-duty armor. You can use it up to mitigate an injury by one step, i.e. from Serious Harm to Harm. The Asset is then useless until your next downtime period. [0 Load]

Combat Armor (3 Cash): Heavy duty kevlar or even military armor. You can use it up to completely mitigate an injury, i.e. completely ignoring Serious Harm. The Asset is then useless until your next downtime period. More advanced models may include full-body suits with sealed components and integrated goggles, reducing the effects of flashbangs or gas weapons. [2 Load]

Powered Exoskeleton (6 Cash): Allows the wearer to exert superhuman physical strength when jumping, climbing, lifting, and in melee combat. However, it is extremely heavy and loud. Military power armor suits combine this Asset with combat armor and a vaccsuit. [3 Load]

Holographic Projection Armor (5 Cash): Holoprojectors sewn or built into clothes that can distort, project or blur the wearer’s image - but requires concentration and training to use effectively. Improves Position when you are performing an action that will get you shot at or targeted by ranged weaponry. [1 Load]

Squidsuit (6 Cash): A variant of the Holographic Projection Armor that uses the holoprojectors to confer limited invisibility as long as you move slowly. Improves Position when attempting to pass through an area unseen. Useless in combat or when you need to move quickly. [1 Load]

Computing Assets

Hacking Suite (3 Cash): A heavy-duty device packed with tools and programs used for hacking. They come in many forms - a portable “deck” with built-in holoprojectors, a sophisticated cranial implant, or even just a tricked-out personal terminal. You need one of these to hack effectively; without a hacking suite, you will always suffer reduced Effect when trying to hack. [1 Load]

SenseNet (1 Cash): A headband or electrode net that plugs into your hacking suite, allowing you to enter “full immersion” into cyberspace. Improves reaction times, makes hacking and other online tasks much quicker, and allows you to fully “embody” a drone. You’re dead to the world as long as you’re plugged in, and you suffer an injury if the SenseNet is unexpectedly removed or the connection crashes. [1 Load]

Data Slab (1 Cash): A palm-sized plastic brick that is capable of storing vast quantities of data, including navkeys for interstellar travel. [1 Load]

Network Tap (2 Cash): Plug one of these into an access port, device or anything else connected to the network. Either increases the effectiveness of your hacking attempts on the network, or allows you to hack it remotely as long as the tap is in place. [1 Load]


Ghost Protocols (2 Cash): Whenever you have your hacking suite on you, electronic sensors (including cameras and drones) cannot recognise or identify you unless you want them to. Your face is blurred or replaced with a static image; this won’t set off alarms, but humans will notice.

Autonomous System (3 Cash): A weak AI that can run on a hacking suite or heavy-duty terminal. It is capable of executing simple tasks and commands, and limited problem-solving or decision making. Each AS has a specific purpose it was programmed for, such as data archival or security monitoring, and cannot perform functions outside its programming.

Black ICE: Not available for purchase; this is “dangerous” security software found protecting certain networks. Networks protected by Black ICE can cause damage to your hacking suite as a consequence, or injury if you are directly connected via SenseNet.


A drone is treated as a single customisable Asset, which you can modify by adding Tags to it. A basic drone costs 3 Cash and has a single Tag. It can be operated at a range of up to 1 mile for about 8 hours, and usually must be actively controlled by its operator. The exact form of your drone depends on what Tags it has, but most basic drones are assumed to move by wheels, tracks or small articulated legs. Most drones can be folded up into a hard case that counts for 2 Load.

You can add more Tags to a drone for 2 Cash each. The following Tags are available:

The following Tags are upgrades to one of the options above:



A gun costs 2 Cash and is a basic pistol, revolver or similar personal sidearm (1 Load). Guns always have the Ammo Tag, which means that they can run out of ammunition and require reloading (usually as a consequence when you use a gun as part of an action roll). To reload a gun, you need to spend 1 Load.

You can purchase additional Tags for your gun for 1 Cash each:

The following Tags can only be applied to rifles:

Guns loaded with smart bullets can connect to your smart glasses or cybereye and change their trajectories in mid-flight to hit the target. This greatly improves their accuracy, but makes your gun vulnerable to hacking.

Melee Weapons

A basic melee weapon costs 1 Cash and is something like a knife, axe, shovel, baseball bat or stun baton; they usually count for 1 Load. Melee weapons don’t generally need Tags - you can decide narratively whether they are quiet or loud, sharp or blunt, easily concealed or obvious, and whether or not they can be effectively thrown in combat.

A Fine melee weapon might be a monomolecular blade, which is razor-sharp and can cut through pretty much anything short of solid metal or rock (but can’t be thrown). If it’s a blunt weapon, it might be a sophisticated antigrav “repulsor” weapon that multiplies the force of blows delivered with it.


Grenades cost 4 Cash; you can have a single grenade for 1 Load, or a handful of grenades for 2 Load. Grenades can affect multiple people at once and be thrown around corners or over obstacles. The exact effects depend on the type of grenade you throw:

You can also get grenades in the form of plastic explosives (with remote detonator) or nanothermite paste. These require an appropriate Specialty to use effectively, and they can’t be thrown like regular grenades.


Augments are a special kind of Asset; like ordinary Assets, they have a Description and may have Tags that define what they are capable of doing and what their properties are. They tend to be more expensive than the equivalent Assets, but are part of your body and are always with you. You never need to spend Load to gain the benefits of an Augment.

Most Augments can be modified with additional Tags, which cost 2 Cash each:

In certain parts of the Firmament, a new class of cyberware known as bioware has emerged: cutting-edge therapies that can regrow entire limbs and organs from scratch, as well as deep genetic enhancements that can augment and upgrade the human genome. The most advanced of them can even be inherited! Bioware Augments are not commonly available, but are completely immune to hacking or electronic warfare, and are almost completely undetectable without a thorough medical examination.

Common Augments

Cosmetic Augment (4 Cash): A living tattoo, biomonitor, skinwatch, modification to hair, skin or eyes, or other augmentation installed for cosmetic or convenience purposes. This Augment is free during character creation, you can start with as many cosmetic augments as you want.

Cyber Eyes (5 Cash): Can see beyond the visible human spectrum, zoom and enhance, and see in low light. These eyes let you justify noticing things that normal people can’t. They can also connect to devices, just like a pair of smart glasses. For 1 Cash, you can also record and share what you see. For 2 Cash, you can add thermal and nightvision.

Hidden Compartment (5 Cash): You can hide a handheld object from casual inspection. A scanner or detector might notice that you have an augment, but will not reveal the nature of the augment or its contents. This Augment automatically has the Inconspicuous Tag.

Integrated Asset (5 Cash): Choose one of your Assets to integrate into your body in some way. You can integrate anything that makes sense, such as a medkit, thieving equipment, a hacking suite, or even specialised equipment like a rebreather.

Medical Augment (4 Cash): This is a cybernetic prosthetic, replacement organ, or any other augmentation installed for medical reasons. It provides no mechanical benefits, but functions as well as whatever organic part it replaced did. For example, a cyberleg will allow a character who has lost a leg to walk and run as well as they could before. This Augment is free during character creation, you can start with as many prosthetics as you want.

Mood Detector (5 Cash): Subdermal and eye sensors loaded with facial recognition and body language analysis software. You can ask the GM what the current emotional state of another person is and get an accurate answer.

Sensory Filter (5 Cash): Implants built into cyber eyes or implanted into the ocular nerve and ear canal. You are immune to sudden flashes of light and loud noises, and you can filter out unpleasant sounds and smells. This makes you immune to flashbangs and tear gas.

Specialized Augment (5 Cash): An augmentation with a specific purpose; it makes you better at performing tasks related to a specific Specialty. The exact form varies depending on the Specialty it’s built for; when you Push Yourself to use that Specialty, it only costs 1 Stress.

Spring Legs (5 Cash): Augmented muscle fibers or powerful prosthetic legs that allow you to achieve superhuman feats when running or jumping. They don’t make you immune to breaking your neck because you jumped 20 feet straight up, though.

Restricted Augments

Chem Injector (6 Cash): Implants psychoactive drugs into your bloodstream on command - suppressing hunger, increasing alertness, and heightening reflexes. You can go up to 3 days without eating or sleeping without feeling any discomfort or suffering any reduction in Position or Effect - the crash afterwards won’t be pretty, though. Alternatively, gives you the effect of a single performance drug on command - including the drawbacks.

Heavy Frame (6 Cash): Extensive subdermal armor, bone reinforcement and other protective implants. Gives the same benefits as combat armor (and stacks with whatever armor you’re wearing). It’s impossible for this Augment to be Inconspicuous.

Time Dilator (6 Cash): Modifies the nervous system to affect how you perceive time; known as “wired reflexes” in some circles. Whenever there’s a question about who acts first, the answer is you. You also get +1d when rolling to resist a consequence that requires fast reflexes or quick reaction times to avoid.

Illegal Augments

Daredevil Wire (8 Cash): Amplifies the extremes of emotional highs and lows, sharpening instincts and giving you incredible confidence - but tends to give you a feeling of invincibility. You can activate this at any time, and it lasts for the rest of the scene; it gives you +1d on all action rolls, but -1d on all resistance rolls. Incompatible with the Serenity Wire.

Serenity Wire (8 Cash): Flattens emotional highs and lows into an enduring sense of serenity and calm, which permanently increases your maximum Stress by 1. Called a “zombie wire” in some circles because the implant gives you a flattened affect and monotonous tone, and makes it harder to care too much about anything. Incompatible with the Daredevil Wire.

Surveillance Suite (8 Cash): A full suite of “spyware” including network triangulators, laser microphones, radar and other such things. As long as you’re not hurried or in danger, you can see through walls and listen through closed windows. You can only see silhouettes or thermal shapes, and some walls or windows may be treated to defeat this type of system.