In the Firmament, true psionic aptitude is so rare that it’s considered no more than an urban legend by most groups - those who believe in the existence of psions, like the Order of Psi, are generally regarded as cults and fringe groups. Nonetheless, latent psionic ability does in fact reside within every human being, though a “natural talent” is so incredibly rare as to be unheard of. More commonly, psionic ability is unlocked by shady experimentation, exposure to strange alien life, or uniquely traumatic experiences. Once the door is opened, though, there’s no going back.

Because of how rare the psionic talent is, most campaigns should include at most one character with the Arcane Background (Psionics) Edge. Psionics in the Firmament are strictly telepathic - no telekinesis or other manipulation of the physical world is possible, which is part of why their very existence remains mysterious. As a result, the powers available to a psion are strictly limited.

Arcane Background (Psionics)

Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)
Starting Powers: 2
Power Points: 10

Extraversion: Psions do not suffer Backlash when they roll a Critical Failure; instead, they will begin to manifest symptoms of Extraversion Syndrome, a loss of their brain’s ability to filter and process the psionic impulses they are constantly receiving from the world around them. A Critical Failure gives a psion the Bad Eyes (Minor) or Hard of Hearing (Minor) Hindrances for one week as they begin to see and hear things that aren’t there. If the psion already had these Hindrances, or if they make multiple Critical Failures, these are upgraded to a Major Hindrance. After one week has passed since the last Critical Failure, Extraversion Syndrome fades and the psion regains their faculties.

Many of the powers in Savage Worlds have their own trappings when used through psionics, and some change significantly. The following Novice powers are available to a psion:

The following powers are available at Seasoned Rank:

The following powers are available at Veteran Rank:

Finally, at Heroic Rank: