Bei’An System

Region: The Rim

Travellers passing into the Rim via Hope have two options for the next leg of their journey: one is Samarkand, and the other Bei’An. Bei’An is the quicker, more profitable route - but it is also the riskier one. In part, this is because of the system’s star; it sends out solar flares and bursts of radiation much more frequently than most. This inclement “space weather” isn’t dangerous to anyone protected by a starship’s thick hull, but it produces shadows and interference that make sensors and scanners much less reliable within the system. The result: the Bei’An system is rife with piracy and a safe haven for outlaws. Amongst the select group of pirates powerful enough to afford a spike drive and notorious enough to need one, Bei’An is universally acknowledged as home.

Points of Interest

Cordelia is the system’s homeworld, an ocean planet that is so beautiful that it can even tempt tourists from the Incorporated Territories now and then. Cordelia itself is known for being a safe, peaceful planet despite the dangerous reputation that the Bei’An system has in general. The planet’s population is primarily nomadic, its inhabitants dwelling on ever-shifting flotillas of ships bound by loose ties of family and association. Although the Cordelian Alliance of Vessels forms a de facto planetary government, each ship is treated like its own nation state. The smallest fishing vessels might have as little as 200 people onboard, while the enormous megaships that function as cities and spaceports can host thousands.

The Cordelian Alliance is broadly unified, but disputes still occur. Territory and fishing rights are a common source of discontent and squabbling, and there is also the piracy problem. Alliance ships often have a thriving black market, kept alive by the pirates that favour the Bei’An system - some of whom seamlessly trade space piracy for the high seas. The relationship between the Alliance and the planet’s criminal element is complicated, as a love of freedom and a dislike of restrictions is part of the Cordelian DNA. The line between a pirate and an independent vessel that doesn’t discriminate in who they do business with is very blurry, and taking too hard a stance might just make your people start rooting for the underdog. Needless to say, it’s enough to keep the Alliance busy.