The Hope System

Location: The Rim
Star Type: Main Sequence
Primary Language: English
Interstellar Exports: Refuelling services.

“Hope isn’t much to look at, nor is it the friendliest system you’ll ever pass through. And passing through is most likely what you’ll be doing. Hope doesn’t have much to offer the universe, frankly, and if it wasn’t an unavoidable pit stop on the way into the Rim, it’s unlikely the colony would still be around.

They’re not a big fan of the Foundation around these parts, and don’t tend to be too friendly with those who hail from more… civilised parts of the Firmament. Interstellar travellers are advised to limit themselves to the Xerxes Refueling Station or to the cleaner districts of Xanadu City. Any information or contact from the so-called Anti-Foundation Front should be reported to Foundation authorities immediately.”

- Spacer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition

System Features

Special Notes

Piracy: The government of Xanadu is actively resistant to Foundation enforcers and is unhelpful to them at every opportunity. As a result, there is an unusually high level of piracy in the system.