The Samarkand System

Location: The Rim
Star Type: Main Sequence
Primary Language: English
Interstellar Exports: Refuelling services, suspension gas.

“Samarkand’s primary world, Hephaestus, is an inhospitable little lava rock, but it holds hidden treasures galore. One of the few sources of suspension gases in industrial quantities, and it’s close enough to the Territories to be profitable. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see one of the elusive Hephaestus dragons in the flesh!

The rugged, authentic folk of Hephaestus can mostly be found in the Overcity - that’s an orbital settlement - but a visit to Samarkand would be wasted looking at factories and docking bays! Instead, take a trip to the surface and see the beautiful views of Respite, the planet’s only city - or take a detour to the Diamond Planet Casino at the system’s edge if you’re in the mood for some high-roller excitement.”

- Spacer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition

System Features