The Xi’An System

Location: The Rim
Star Type: Main Sequence
Primary Language: Chinese
Interstellar Exports: Refuelling services, medical compounds, spike drive minerals.

“Do you laugh in the face of danger and opt for the road less travelled? If that sounds like you, then the Xi’An system might be worth considering for your next stop. It’s not the most popular route into the deeper Rim, but trade runs to this system are rewarding due to an abundance of rare minerals required for the construction of spike drives. But let’s forget about credits for a second - how about Cordelia, eh? Does a shimmering ocean planet of untold natural beauty appeal to you? If so, Xi’An might be the system you’re looking for!

Note: Travellers should be advised that Xerxes Publishing cannot be held legally responsible for dissatisfaction or loss of life resulting from communications and sensor array failures, space piracy, starship fuel shortages, or damage to customer property by hostile alien life.”

- Spacer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition

System Features

Special Notes

Stellar Interference: This system’s star emits unusually high levels of radio waves and other forms of radiation, which interferes with local communications. All Electronics rolls to operate sensors or communications are made at a -2 within the system.

Piracy: The local stellar weather makes it much easier to evade detection or pursuit. As a result, there is an unusually high level of piracy in the system.

No Gas Giant: Because there’s no gas giant to easily harvest Helium-3 from, starship fuel costs 50% more in this system.