The Phoenix System

Location: Incorporated Territories
Star Type: Main Sequence
Primary Language: Japanese
Interstellar Exports: Refuelling services, major trade hub.

“Follow the money, that’s what they say. Well, if you want to follow the money, then Phoenix is where you want to go. Every would-be baron of the stars needs to visit Neotokyo once in their life, just to see the pulsing heartbeat of interstellar commerce in front of their eyes. The flow of credits, hiss of drones and aerocars, the neon glow of the greatest city in the universe - that’s true power. That’s the pinnacle of human achievement! 7,000 years of human civilisation culminated in the planet of Gibson: an edifice to greatness that would put Ozymandias to shame. For while Tau might be our beloved capitol, the Phoenix system is where the magic happens.

Whether it’s a relaxing stay at a luxury hotel, an impressive setting to a business meeting, or an authentic foray into the vibrant street culture of the Neotokyo Sprawl, Phoenix has something for everyone. How could it not, with that many people?”

- Spacer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition

System Features